23 Year Old Student buys Land,Cars and Travels for Vacation from Money he Made Online.This is what he does


2 Years ago while Brian Kinuthia was a first year student he could never have thought that one day he will become a millionaire and poses cars and large parcels of lands.All this thanks to a whatsapp invite link he was sent by his classmate in 2017.

Brian is a 3rd year Engineering Student at Nairobi University and he is already living a Kingly lifestyle while his peers are struggling with being Broke.

Brian was brought up by his grandparents since he lost his parents at a very young age.He grew up with so much difficulty in life and that explain his seal to make it in life.

“I have never done any business before,this is my first time and it has been a success,”Narrates Brian.

He was invited by His friend to Join some Online Job called DONITI NEWS.It is a news website that reward its members for taking part in different activities on the website. 1.e reading news,sharing news,commenting,Posting news and affiliate referral commissions.

“Within the first week of Joining i was already earning more than kes 105 just working online.After understanding how the business works i decided to upgrade my account and that when success located me.My earning jumped from kes 100 to kes 7000 a day within two months,much of my earning coming from affiliate commissions,” He adds.

DONITI NEWS generates revenue through advertising and in return do a 50-50 revenue share with its members.If you join and invite your friends to join and upgrade their accounts that alone with earn you kes 500, imagine inviting 10 friends to join via your link,that would be kes 5,000 clean money a day.

Through DONITI NEWS ,Brian has amassed so much wealth but insisted he is focused to finish his degree in Electrical Engineering.

“I have purchased the car of my dream and large parcels of land in kitengela and kiambu. DONITI NEWS like any other business is not a get rich scheme,you have to work smart and  understand how the business works and take advantage of it,” He says.

With his two accounts on DONITI NEWS, brian says he takes home between kes 350,000-kes 450,000 every month.

“Its people who end up failing in reaching their goals who brand a good investment like DONITI NEWS a scam.Just ignore them,” says Brian.



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