27 year Old Man turn kes 2000 loan into kes 10 million Business,Buys House and expensive carThis is what he did to achieve that


Stephen Musyoka like any other fresh graduate  was tarmacking looking for employment back in 2015.He had just graduated with a degree in Business management.He dropped CVs in as many offices has he could but no job interview was coming through.He felt very discouraged and hopeless.He was struggling even to pay house rent.

“I was discourage until i once contemplated committing suicide due to the hardship i encounter in the city.I was offered a job as a caretaker that at least i could sustain myself in the city.The job was paying kes 8,000 per month.Having no choice i took the job,”he said.

He did the caretaker job while still looking for a job.One day a friend told me about an Online job that was paying its members to drive traffic through reading news.The jobs was called DONITI NEWS. 

“I decided to give DONITI NEWS a try after seeing proof of how they were paying their members.Join was free but with an option of upgrade your account,” he added.

Surprising after joining he saw how much he could earning in a day.With a free account stephen was already making kes 105 a day but just utilizing his bundles by reading news.Although he was limited to work with a free account.

“I called my sister and borrowed kes 2000 so that i could upgrade my DONITI NEWS account and promised to repay her the amount when i get paid at the end of the month.And that was the beginning of my success story,”he narrates.

Within the First month of Joining DONITI NEWS, stephen was already making kes 55,000 a month.To him that was unbelievable since he has never earned earn that much in entire life.

“To me earning that much in a single month from DONITI NEWS was just unbelievable.I started recruiting people through facebook and whatapp and the earnings kept going up every month.The good with DONITI NEWS is that it doesn’t hinder someone from carrying on with normal work since its more of part-time,” he said.

Within 6 months of working hard, Stephen had already surpassed the kes 250,000 a  month mark and resign from his work as a care taker and focused on DONITI NEWS full-time.He started organizing conferences for teaching people on how they could work and earning with  DONITI NEWS.

DONITI NEWS is a news website that derive revenue from advertising and in return share it with its members.Members earn through reading News,commenting,sharing on facebook/whatsapp,posting forum articles and referral commission when you invite people to join DONITI NEWS.

If say you invite 10 people to join,that alone will earn you kes 500 for every invite hence you will earn kes 5000 in a single day.

Within 2 years ,Stephen was already earning kes 650,000 monthly.He has invested much of his money in profitable venture that he says are worth more than kes 10 Million today.

“For sure DONITI NEWS has been the reason why am successful today.Two years ago i was a caretaker but look me now am successful living in my own house and driving a BMW cars that many people wish they could have. DONITI NEWS is legit but you need to work hard to achieve results,” he said.



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