4 things to expect when dating a broke man


Being broke is relative. One can be broke financially, mentally or spiritually.

Being broke financially isn’t a crime but staying broke, however, can be classified as a ‘crime’.

Refusing to date a broke guy does not necessarily mean you are a gold digger; even an independent woman who is not interested in a man’s money is not entitled to settle for a broke guy with no ambition because such a decision comes with several challenges.

However, some women don’t mind dating broke men and helping them out because they believe that being financially constrained does not necessarily mean you have nothing to offer in a relationship.

Should you decide to date a broke guy, ladies, here is what you can expect

1. Disappointments

At one point in time, a woman will ask for something from his man and he might not be able to give since he cannot afford it. He will always look stingy to you and a no comparison to your girlfriends’ boyfriends which creates a bad feeling that could eventually lead to a sour breakup.

2. Insecurity

Most men believe they are breadwinners in a family thus, broke men end up feeling insecure when they cannot provide for their partners. It makes them feel inferior.

3. Does not guarantee a happy ending

Dating a broke man does not necessarily mean that he will stick with you forever because you are helping him financially. No matter how good you are, you will never be right for the wrong person.

Once the man gets his paycheck and becomes financially stable he may decide to end the relationship.

4. They are [always] good in bed.    There is no concrete evidence to back this assertion but most people believe that most men who are broke always strive to compensate for their financial incapability with their bedroom skills.



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