Businessman Japheth Kipruto ,36 , failed Several time But Now he makes Millions working Online,Here is what he does.


Businessman Japheth like many kenyans has never secured any formal employment throughout his life.The law Graduate has never practiced what he went to learn in campus.Like many fresh graduates he started working online through academic writing.Within no time he had employed close to 15 writers and hired an office where he was operating from.

“Essay writing is quite a demanding job and it takes time before your business grows.I did it for 2 year and that allowed me to do a few investment while still raising my young family.We co-owned the writing business with one of my friend who we will later disagreed and each of us went separate ways,” he said.

Over sometime Japheth was introduce into the world of Online forex Trading by a friend who was successful at doing it.After taking a few tutorials online ,he was set to start trading.He investment kes 100,000 of his money into forex with the hoping of doubling his investment which was not the case.

“When i started trading forex i received baptism by fire literary.In my first trades i could make huge losses until i stopped trading for some time.Then i decided to go back and study forex material before going back to trade.Forex trading is just like gambling,you can make profit today and blow your account the following day,” He said.

One day while struggling with forex he got a whatsapp invite from his friend to some online Job called DONITI NEWS. Being a risk-taker he was, he decided to give it a try. DONITI NEWS is a news website that allows its members to earn money reading news,commenting,share on fb/whatsapp and from affiliate commission when you invite a friend to join doniti.

Within one week of Joining DONITI NEWS he was already earning kes 105 bob on a free account.After understanding how the business works he decided to upgrade his account to premium.After the upgrade his income on DONITI NEWS tripled within the first month much of it coming from his affiliate commission.

Japheth decided to quit forex and concentrate on DONITI NEWS full time.Within 2 months he was earning already kes 150,000 monthly.He decided to open several accounts and hire people to work for him.Within 6 months he was kes 350,000 from all his accounts.

“The income results are no automatic.You have to work hard and take this job serious and with a positive mind else you wont realize any profits.I have personally been working for 12 months and am not quitting anytime soon,” he said.

“My dream in life is not to be Rich rather financially secure with not worrying about bills and things like that and i think DONITI  NEWS is giving me that platform,” he added.

Japheth is now raising a happy family and focusing on how to invest in other businesses as he say an average millionaire has seven sources of income.



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