Gambling tips that would guarantee you 100% winning rate


Most gamblers have been loosing so much of their cash to betting sites.

Here are six tips that would increase your winning rate and earn you an extra coin;

1. Never use money meant for fundamental needs in gambling

Do not use money that you intended to do something important or keep up with your basic needs. This would put you in great trouble in case you lose your bet. Bet with money that wouldn’t pain you in case you lose.

2. Don’t indiscriminately pursue the wagering tips and expectations of others

Some of the tipsters and betting predicted provided online are made by some bloggers who don’t even have a betting account. Make your own judgement before blindly following and betting on every tip provided on the internet.

3. Try not to be impacted by past outcomes

We may have lost so many bets in a row, but that does not mean that you’d automatically lose your next bet. Betting is pure gambling and the outcome is unprecedented. Winning bets in a row do not guarantee you a 100 per cent winning rate on every bet you’d place.

4. Try not to play terrible temper

Do not immediately bet after losing your previous bet in the name of recovering from your loss. This would, in turn, make you lose a lot of money and put you in a financial hurdle.

5. Try not to wager on games you’re not familiar with

I remember one time I personally placed bets on teams that I never even heard a mention of, just because they had the highest chances of winning. On checking my bet later, the outcome was the opposite of what I expected. Place your wager on teams you know their history and familiar with.

6. Check on Betting Bookmakers with highest odds

Analyse the various betting sites before placing your bet. For example, ne game may be having 1.7 odds for over 1.5 goals on one betting bookmarker while 2.2 odds on another. Make the right decision

These tips would help you increase your winning rate and success in gambling.


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