Here is a 35 year Old Kenyan Businessman who is making a Living working on the Internet,This is what he does.


If you ever talk of earning money online in Kenya,most of the people will think of only Gambling, which is a matter of either winning today and losing tomorrow.By the way from history,no body as ever become rich through gambling.

We meet with Edwin Wekesa in his Home in Bungoma just going about his daily business. Wekesa rans several businesses in Bungoma town ranging from barber shop to mpesa shop and now to his new venture which is the Online Job called DONITI NEWS.

Wekesa is a trained teacher,but quit the profession 2 year ago to focus on his businesses due to poor pay.

“My passion is not in teaching rather in Business.I have done so many business,some succeed while others fail,” he said.

“Almost two years ago i was invited by a friend to Join some online job Called DONITI NEWS. At first i was skeptical but after sometime i decided to give it a try,”he added.

DONITI NEWS is a news website that allows its members to earn money through performing different activities on the website.The activities include; reading news,commenting,sharing news,posting news articles and affiliate commission when you refer someone to join DONITI NEWS.

Within 3 months of working on DONITI NEWS, Wekesa was already earning kes 55,000 a month.

“I wake up very early and dedicate a full hour of my day on DONITI NEWS and then i go about my daily business.With this venture you must be smart.I have manage to invite so many people to join this program and some are even doing better than me now.I have a friend i introduced 4 months ago and he is now earning more than kes 150,000 a month.,” he narrates.

Wekesa on his part is earning kes 300,000 on a bad month.He has invested much of his money on his business and managed to open a big restaurants in town.He says he intend to start building rental houses after acquiring some parcels of land.

DONITI NEWS is real guys, if you have not joined,then you are missing out big time. After all joining is free but with an option of upgrade,” he adds.

He says he not ready to stop yet.He so far invite entire family including his wife in to the business and all of them are making some good cash.

“Unlike betting where its a game of chances whether to lose or win,DONITI NEWS is 100% guaranteed and sure,” says wekesa.




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