Here is a School Drop-Out who is Living a Kingly Lifestyle, Owns Houses and cars By working on the Internet.


Here comes 26 year Old Mike Mbithi, school drop-out who has beat all odds to be successful.He studied  a degree in computer science but later dropped out because of lack of school fees.

He comes from not well of family but believed in handwork and integrity has his core values.After dropping out of school in 2017, mike started doing all kind of jobs at least to make odds meet.A year later he landed a job as a Uber driver which he did with shear determination.He could work 14 hrs a day at least to earn kes 2000  a day.

“I purposed to raise enough cash as uber driver so that i could go back to school and complete my degree,” says Mbithi.

One day during his normal uber trips, he got a client who told him about some Online Job that could earn him better that uber. The Online job was called DONITI NEWS.

“Having studied computer science i went through DONITI NEWS and register.My then clients showed me of his weekly Mpesa notification messages from this company and i knew from the word go this was something legit,”He added.

DONITI NEWS is a basically a news website that pays its users for driving traffic to its website.They do a 50-50 revenue share with its members.

Within one month of working at DONITI NEWS, Mike Mbithi was already earning kes 150,000,with much of the revenue coming from his affiliate commission.

“This kind of results are not guaranteed,you must not only work hard  but also smart.I utilized the many whatsapp group that am in plus facebook groups to achieve this. In fact i was called a scammer very many times but those who heard me and join are equally reaping the fruits of their labour,” he adds.

Currently on average mikes earns between kes 450,000-kes 600,000 every month on DONITI NEWS.He has managed to venture more into uber business after purchasing 4 more taxis.

“My goal is to have 10 taxis in this business before i venture into something else.I am also going back to college to complete on my degree next year.



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