His Teachers Told him he will be “NOTHING” in life,But the 24 yr old university Drop out is now a Millionaire,This is what he does.


Samuel kamau was an average student in class.He got a C minus in KCSE and his parent got him an admission to pursue Diploma in sales and marketing in one of the university.He grew up reading stories of Billionaires like Bill gates, richard Branson who become immensely rich even after dropping out of college and this motivated him

In college he performed so badly that one time his teachers told him he will become Nothing in life.Samuel decided to discontinue his education saying he wasn’t meant to get the diploma.While looking for something to do ,he got a job as an insurance sales agents.Thou paying very little ,he worked so hard that he become the best agent in 2015.

He raised enough cash with the insurance job till he managed to start a second-hand cloathes(Mitumba) business while working as an agent full-time.

“I am a risk-taker and anything that i partake to do most of the time it is a success,”he said.

His Mutumba business was doing fairly good with a profit margin of between kes 2000-kes 3000 daily.

One day while attending some business networking meeting,he met a lady who introduced him to some online Job called DONITI NEWS.

DONITI NEWS is a news website that allows its members to earn money reading news and driving traffic to the website.Users are allowed to post articles ,comment,share on facebook/whatsapp and affiliate commission when you invite someone to join the Program.

“As a risk taker i decided to give a try.Within two week i wasn’t seeing any meaning income from DONITI NEWS since i was using a free account. But after upgrading that when the real money started coming in,” he said.

Samuel invited so many people to join DONITI NEWS and his income kept going up.

“I took advantage of the many whatsapp and facebook group that am in and within six month i was earning a decent income but still working full-time at the insurance.Success in DONITI NEWS is not guaranteed but rather you have to work hard and Smart,” he added.

After working on DONITI NEWS for a year part-time and earning kes 350,000 a month, he decided to resign from insurance job and focus fully on DONITI NEWS and his Mitumba Business.

“I have invested the money i made in DONITI NEWS on growing my Mitumba business.Currently have upgrade from retail into whole sale.I import Mitumba bails and have so many clients who come for them and still am working online on DONITI NEWS,” he said.

He generate a minimum of kes 1million a month as profit from his two venture and he says he is thinking of a third venture.

With minimal spending,samuel has already saved enough cash to buy himself a Decent house,dream car and plans to go back to school to finish on his diploma course.

“I am in DONITI NEWS to stay and am not going anywhere anytime soon.I would urge people to take risk and take advantage of the DONITI NEWS Platform,”he said.




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