“I make double the amount My Boyfriend earns,Should i dump him,” cries out Confused Girl.


A lady by the name Jackline Kemunto took to social media to reveal that she had been living with a stingy boyfriend who hardly could give her any financial assistance and since she now earning more than him she is contemplating to end the relationship.We talked to her and she narrates her story.

“I have been unemployed for the longest time and my boyfriend was hardly supporting me financially.He has a good job that pays him more than kes 100,000 per month.Last here i was invited by a friend via whatsapp to join some online job called DONITI NEWS.I asked him to lend me some money so that i could join the program but he refused saying he was broke hence i had to borrow money from Tala app to join the online Job,” she said.

DONITI NEWS is a news website that lets its users money by driving traffic through reading news,commenting,sharing on whatsapp/facebook,posting forum articles and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the website.The pay kes 300 for every unique article that you post and kes 500 for every person you invite to join the website.

“Within the first month of joining DONITI NEWS i managed to earn kes 45,000 which was send directly to Mpesa account and 6 months later i had already surpassed kes 150,000 a month.Having working for 18 months ,i have managed to buy myself a good car and invested some money to start a beauty shop.The business is really doing really well and my boyfriend has started feeling jealousy and insecure since i make double the amount earn on his day job,”she adds.

Jackline reiterate that to be successfully with DONITI NEWS you must work really hard and smart. DONITI NEWS generates revenue through advertising and in return share it with its members on 50-50 basis hence the more traffic ,the more traffic the more money they make.

“Being successful with DONITI NEWS is not guaranteed since you have to work really hard to achieve better result.Personally i utilized the numerous whatsapp and facebook groups to achieve this milestone.This is not a get rich scheme rather a genuine online job that you get rewarding depending on how much work you put in.If you are not on DONITI NEWS then you are losing big time.You only need 1 hour per day to just work online and make good money,”she adds.

Having attained financial freedom,Jackline is now contemplating dumping his boyfriend and ending the relationship.

“If you wish to make decent income online,the join DONITI NEWS and get started.I have achieved so much from this online job,”she says.

What advice can you give jackline,should she dump her boyfriend or not?


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