“I Quit my Job to start my Own Business,Now it worth kes 30 million ,”28 year old Sam Kiprop Narrates his success story


Kiprop was brought up by a single month when his dad died while he was 2 days old.Due to poverty,he start working at the age of 11 at least to help his month.At the age of 18 he got a job with a logistic company owned an Indian Businessman.He moved through the ranks from a mere driver to a fleight manager within 3 years.He was responsible for managing trucks moving across east africa. At this point he was earning kes 55,000 a month.

One day his friend invited via Whatsapp to an online job called DONITI NEWS.

“At first i was very skeptical about this online job due to numerous online scams that were being reported,but since it was free to join i decided to give it a try. DONITI NEWS is a news website that pays its members to drive traffic to the site through reading news,commenting,sharing on fb/whatsapp,posting forum articles and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the website through your link.I upgraded my account after the first week and that when the magic started,”He says.

Kiprop received his first payment of kes 35,000 after 3 weeks and his income kept going up with much of his revenue coming from affiliate commission he received after referring people to join DONITI NEWS.

“Within 3 months of working with DONITI NEWS i had already surpassed kes 200,000 a month.The good thing with this job is that it can be done part-time since it does not require much of your time say 1 hour a day.For me i saved most of the money i made from this online job.Within two years of working online part-time ,i managed to save kes 4 million,”he adds.


Using his savings ,sam kiprop approached a local bank for a loan of kes 10 million so as to acquire a truck.He quit is job and start out his logistic business  with just one truck.He got contracts from corporates like DHL,cocacola and many others.Within a span of one year he was able to acquire 1 more truck.Currently he runs his company sam kiprop Holdings with interest in logistics valuing it at kes 45 million.


“I still work on DONITI NEWS part-time .In a bad month i take home kes 400,000 from this online job.Without DONITI NEWS i couldn’t be this far.With only your data bundles as your expense,you can make so much.I am investing my DONITI NEWS income into my truck business.If you are not on DONITI NEWS then you are losing big time.Currently i can afford to drive any car i wish to.I am living my best life,”he says.

However Sam kiprop reiterates that being successful with DONITI NEWS is not guaranteed rather insists that only the hardworking ones will manage a meaningful revenue.If you are looking to make a decent income ,the join DONITI NEWS and get started


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