“I was Fired from my Job but now i make Millions Working ONLINE,This is what i do,” Jane chamwada tells her Story


After completing her college education,Jane chamwada like any other fresh graduate tarmacked looking for a job.She had pursued an actuarial science  degree at kenyatta University.

She landed herself a good job as an actuary at some insurance company.The pay was kes 120,000 for the start.Her career was on the right track until when she started having issues with her Boss(The portfolio manager).

Due to much Pressure at work started indulging in  alcoholism,coming to work late and even not finishing on the assignments allocated to her.

One day she failed to come to work with no reason, the following day she was handed a dismissal later.This came as a shock to her.The company cited redundancy and lack of work ethics as the reasons for dismissal.

“I came to work only for HR to call me and informed me that my services were not tenable at the company.I got in to depression and started drinking badly,” she said.


She later Overcame drinking and started hustling for a job.One day she got a whatsapp invite link from a friend to some Online Job.That Job was called DONITI NEWS.

“Since I was jobless i decided to give DONITI NEWS a try since it was a free program to join,”She added.

After Registering with DONITI NEWS that when her Break through started.She could earn kes 105 daily by just reading news.After a week she borrowed kes 1500 in order to upgrade her account and her income started doubling.

Within One month of Joining she was able to earn kes 65,000 from DONITI NEWS.

We asked her what her secret was?

“The Secret with succeeding with DONITI NEWS is just to have a Positive Mind and Understand how the system was.I met a friend who was earning kes 300k from the DONITI NEWS and i was motivated to work even harder.Much of my revenue comes from affilliate commissions,” she said.

DONITI NEWS pay its Members for generating traffic to its site through Reading News,commenting,sharing on facebook/whatsapp and posting news articles.Also when you invite a person to join and upgrade,you earn kes 500 as affiliate commission.

Within 2 years Jane has been able to make several Millions and now she is planning a white wedding with the love of her life.She has now opened a big office where she is training people on how to make money online.

She says  she makes between kes 10000-kes 20000 on a good day thanks to her huge referral network that comprises of more than 2500 referrals.

“I know people are skeptical about online things because of scam,but trust me DONITI NEWS is 100 legits and proven way of making decent income onlinne,”she said.

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