Kalenjin Man 31, turns kes 1500 into kes 3 Million after teaching himself on how to work on the Internet


Mr. Kirui 31 years say working online was the best decision he has ever done in his entire life.The father of 3 says that apart from doing agribusiness ,online job amount to 80% of his monthly revenue.

What kind of online job you may ask?

“I work with a website called DONITI ,it is a news sites that pays me to read news,comment and make post as well as earning through affiliate commission,” says Kirui.

In a good month kirui can make between kes 300k-kes 400k which is a salary of a top manager in a big cooperate institution.He further say that is net pay.

“And how legit is this Online job,” we asked.

“I have been working with DONITI for one year now and trust me i have never ever complained,” Kirui adds.

Kirui says he is able to get such huge revenue from  affiliate commissions he get when he invites people to join DONITI via his link.In a good day he can make upto kes 15,000 just working online.

The way DONITI works is buy allowing its members to earn money by driving traffic to the website and in return pay them through 50% revenue share model and affiliate commission.

Lets say you join today and Send a few invite links to your friends and say 10 of your friends joins, you will earn kes 5000 from only that.They pay kes 500 as commission when you introduce someone on DONITI and he/she  upgrades.

If you ask me ,DONITI is the most genuine online program have come across so far.If you think you a risk taker and you want to see how DONITI works, CLICK ON THIS LINK AND JOIN



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