Kenyan College Drop Out ,28, Becomes a Millionaire after Learning to make Money Online,This is story


Despite passing exam in flying colours and getting admitted in Top university,Kevin Mwenda didn’t perform well and hence he dropped  out of college.To him this felt like its the end of the world.He recount one time his lecturer told him he will become nothing in life.

After overcoming depression, Kevin decided to start a business.

He borrowed kes 20,000 from his parents to start a second-hand cloathes(Mitumba)  business which he did for almost one year.He says the business was good and he was able to raise kes 150,000 to buy online academic writing account.

After six months of working online he was making average of kes 90,000 working 14 hrs a day.The job was really involving and he could hardly have time for his family.

Online day while browsing on facebook, he came across an advert of an online job that allowed users to earn money reading news and posting articles.The online Job was called DONITI NEWS.

DONITI NEWS is a news website that allows its users to earn money reading news,posting articles,sharing on facebook/whatsapp and affiliate commission when you introduce your friends via your link.

After joining last year on march, within 6 months he was already making kes 250,000 monthly just working part-time.

DONITI NEWS is the most legit and best way to earn money online.At first i thought it was a scam until i started receiving payment alerts on my phone,”He said.

Leveraging on his social media accounts i.e facebook,twitter and whatsapp Kevin was able to introduce more than 2000 people to DONITI NEWS ,and in return he was paid huge some of money and now he is a millionaire who can afford anything he wants.

“My wish in life is not to get rich but to live a life where i wont be worried about things like Bills and also make an impact in other people’s life and with DONITI NEWS,” he added.

If you ask me ,DONITI is the most genuine online program have come across so far.If you think you are risk taker and you want to see how DONITI works, CLICK ON THIS LINK AND JOIN


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