Meet 30-year old kenyan man who make kes 3 Million in a Bad month


Samuel kiprop is a master in IT and internet businesses.After completing University education he got a job at an IT company as a web developer where he worked for 2 years before quitting and Ventured into private practice.

While working Kiprop had started doing Online forex trading as a side hustle.Forex trading involve buying and selling of currencies online while still making profit or loses.

“At first i could make small profits while still minimizing on loses.But with time i learnt how the business works and after i had constant good profits i decided to quit job and concentrate on forex full time,” he said.

As an experienced trade he could understand where to buy and sell currencies depending with the market behaviours. He says doing forex without experience is just like gambling and you may end up losing all your money.In fact only 5% of traders make money from forex market.

Since he was working 3-4 hours a day on forex he looked for another side hustle he could.

While searching on how to make money online,he was invited by a friend to  an Online program called DONITI NEWS.

DONITI NEWS is a news website that pays its members to reading news,comment,share on fb/whatsapp,posting articles and affiliate commissions.


“My friend who invited showed me prove of Mpesa payments he was getting from DONITI NEWS and i was amazed.He was making a cool kes 7000 a day then,I Joined the website immediately,” he said.

Upon joining and doing some activities, i could make kes 105 a day,that when i decided to upgrade my account after 3 days, and  the magic started.

Within two months of working at DONITI NEWS as a side business,Kiprop was making kes 150,000. He invested most of that money in forex trading and the profits were unbelievable.

“Within 8 months in 2018, i was making kes 550,000 on DONITI NEWS and doubles that amount on forex Trading.I then created several accounts on DONITI NEWS and employed guys to work for me.The results were unimaginable,” kiprop said.

Much of Kiprop’s revenue from DONITI NEWS came from affiliate commission he earned from referring people to join the website.

“With my two hustle doing great,I make kes 3 million on a bad month,with a times even grossing kes 6M million a month.I have invested in properties and am a proud landlord.I have also been able to support my parents back in the village by building them a decent house,”adds kiprop.

He however  treats himself with cool rides like the recent one he purchased a range rover sport.In his garage he has a BMW X6 and a mercedes E250.

He says Mostly he takes vacation out of the country just to cool off.The good thing with his job is that you can work anywhere in world as long as you have internet connection.



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