Meet 31 year Old Businesswoman Christine Moraa who earns kes 700,000 on the internet,Lives a Lavish Lifestyle.This is what she does.


Meeting moraa for the first time you could confuse her with some top socialite because of the lifestyle she lives.She has thrown her hands in different business some doing better while some failing terribly, but it is her online job that has brought success her way.She has also ventured into human hair business where some of her client are really rewarding her handsomely.

Moraa was introduced by a friend to some online job called DONITI NEWS.It is a news website that  pays its members too drive traffic through reading news,commenting,sharing on fb/whatsapp,posting forum articles and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the website.They pay kes 300 bob for every forum articles you post and kes 500 for every person you refer to join DONITI NEWS.

DONITI NEWS generates revenue through advertise and in return do a 50-50 revenue share with its members.

“Being a risk-taker i decided to give DONITI NEWS a try after seeing Mpesa payments prove from my friend of how the online job was paying him.Within the first month i didn’t any serious money,but afterwards i decided to give it more attention and i saw my income going up,”moraa say.

Within 6 Months of joining DONITI NEWS ,moraa had already surpassed kes 300,000 in monthly income.Much of her income came from affiliate commission when she refer people to join the website.

“I utilized the numerous facebook and whatsapp groups that i was in and revenue kept going up. The good thing with DONITI NEWS is that you can do it part-time and still make some good money and more to that you get updates with the latest news.I mean your only expense is data bundles,” she adds.

After working for close to two years,Moraa has managed to invest most of her money in other income generating businesses like the human hair business where she attends to celebrities.Monthly she generates more than kes 1 million from all of her businesses.

“I have bought cars,land and even bought houses from money i made from my businesses.I can afford to go for vacation anywhere in the world without worrying about the cost all thanks to DONITI NEWS.If you have not join this online job then you are losing big time.However achieving success requires positive mind and hard work.I am in DONITI NEWS to stay,”she says.

If you are a risk-taker and willing to make some genuine money online,then DONITI NEWS is the place for.Join and thank us later.


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