Meet Kevin Munene,28 year Old Entrepreneur Who Built kes 28 Million Empire Through Working Online Part-time.This is what he does


Kevin is not your average entrepreneur,but a business genius who has managed to build a vast empire through working online part-time while running a tour consulting firm full-time.We meet with him at his Upperhill office and he sheds more light on his road to success.

“Ever since i was  young i wished to start my own company and create employment to other unemployed youths.I was brought up by my grandmother hence my childhood was not an easy one.I graduated with a degree in tourism but ever since i never managed to secure meaningful employment hence i decided to venture into business at least to make ends meet,”he says.

Kevin says after several years of looking for a job all in vain and had no capital to start a business ,he decided to try his luck on online job.

“While googling on how to make money on the internet,i came across a website called DONITI NEWS.since it was free to join ,i decided to give it a try. DONITI NEWS is a news website that allows its members to earn money by driving traffic through reading news,commenting,sharing on facebook/whatsapp,posting forum topic and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the program.They pay kes 300 for every forum topic that gets approved and kes 500 commission when you invite people to join,”he adds.

DONITI NEWS allows you to earn up to kes 105 bob from a free account and even much more when you upgrade your account.Kevin received his first payment of kes 18,500 from DONITI NEWS after working for 3 weeks.

“I was very excited about this payment since at first i wasn’t  real sure about this online job.At this point i could tell that DONITI NEWS is legit and real and i started inviting people while my income kept increasing.Within 3 months of joining i had already surpassed kes 150,000 in monthly income.One year down the line i was earning more than kes 300,000 a month from DONITI NEWS,”he says.

Having studied tourism in college,Kevin invested some of the money he made online to start a tour consulting firm.The tour company trades across east africa with a work force of 15 people.He says despite his success with tour business he still works online DONITI NEWS part-time.

“The good thing about DONITI NEWS is that it doesn’t require much of your time since you can work part-time and still make some good cash.You only need to understand how the job works and take advantage of that opportunity.If you are not in DONITI NEWS then you are losing big time,”Kevin says.

DONITI NEWS generates revenue through advertising and in return share it with its members on 50-50 basis.So the more the traffic ,the more money they will make.

DONITI NEWS is innovate way for people to earn decent income online.I earn more than kes 3 million from this online and my tour business.However you have to work hard and smart to achieve success else you wont make it,”he says.

If you are a risk taker and wish to make meaningful income,then join DONITI NEWS and you wont regret.All the best.



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