“My Wife left me because i had no money,But now i make kes 3 Million a month,This is what i do,”Japhet Mutuku narrates his success story.


Mutuku was working as an agents in one of the insurance companies in the country.He was married with 2 kids.In 2015 the company announced that they were retrenching people and mutuku was one of the casualty.Life started becoming hard for him.

“I was the bread winner of the family and all over sudden i was jobless.My wife left me for another rich man which made me suffer depression.I had no any other source of income hence i went back to the village to stay with my parents ,” he said.

Mutuku resorted to looking for online jobs and that how he landed to a website called DONITI NEWS.It is a news website that pays its members to drive traffic through reading news,commenting,sharing on fb/whatsapp,posting forum articles and affiliate commission when you invite people to join DONITI NEWS.

“At first i was very skeptical about joining this online job due to many scams that were being reported but decided to give it a trial anyway and that was the beginning of my success journey.After 3 weeks of joining DONITI NEWS i received my first payment of kes 35,000.i could believe that you can earn such a big amount by only utilizing your data bundles.Three months later i had surpassed kes 100,000 in monthly income, with much of the revenue coming from affiliate commission that i earned when i introduced people to join DONITI NEWS,” he added.

DONITI NEWS generates revenue through advertising and in return share with its members on 50-50 basis,hence the more the traffic,the more revenue they generate.

“Within 18 months of working on DONITI NEWS i had already surpassed kes 500,000 in monthly revenue.I utilized the numerous facebook/whatsapp groups to get referrals and the revenue kept going up.I managed to come back to the city and rebuild my life again.I saved enough cash and started my own car resell business which is doing very well.My wife who had abandoned me now wants to come back but shock to her am in a news relationship,” he said.

DONITI NEWS is real and legit but u need to work more hard to achieved better results.For me i can only thank this online job for the much that i have achieved.You only need the right attitude to be success in this DONITI NEWS job.I have bought myself a house,nice cars and am in the process of build a good house for my parents,”he adds.

If you wish to earn decent income online,the join DONITI NEWS and get started.



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