Teacher, 40 now earns kes 300,000 Monthly working Online part-time, Buys Dream car


Its usually said that an average Millionaire has several sources of income in that when one drys ,another source will be bringing money.This is exactly what Peter Mwangi did.He has been employed by TSC for close to 15 years and with little income he decide to do several side hustle to bring him some income.

“I have Tried several businesses including GNLD before but all end up frustrating me,but i think that was a learning process.I one time invested in safaricom shares one  but later sold them off because i urgently required cash back then,”He said.

He started a dairy business for his unemployed wife which up to now bring some little income for the family.He says after deduction including a loan he took to start the business,his payslips reads kes 8700 every month.This is quiet peanuts for someone with a family.

One day while googling he came across an Online job website Called DONITI NEWS. It is a News website that pays its users for driving traffic to the website and in return they share revenue in 50-50 with its users.

To Join DONITI NEWS  is absolutely free and you can earn and withdraw your cash.Within one week of Joining DONITI NEWS,peter was already making kes 105 daily and after proving the business was working that when he decided to upgrade and his income doubled.

Within one month of working,Peter had surpassed kes 100k a month.Much of his income was coming from affiliate commissions.

DONITI NEWS pays its users to post articles,referring friends,commenting,viewing posts,sharing on fb/whatsapp and active logins.The good this about it you get paid while being updated with the current news. If you invite a friend on dont and he/she upgrades his account, you get paid kes 500 as affiliate commission.And when you write a good forum article which get approved by the admin,you get paid kes 300-kes 1000 daily.

Currently mwangi is earning kes 300,000 monthly by just spending less amount of his time online reading and sharing news articles.

“I have already imported my dream car which is a mistubishi outlander and am yet done with DONITI NEWS.This thing is not for everyone but the risk takers and people with positive mind only.Don’t call everything a scam if you not tried it out,”he adds.



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