This College Drop out Managed to Build a kes 30 Million Business by working Online part-time,Buys Land and cars.This is what he did


It has not been a easy road to success for David Too.Being brought up in poor background,he tried his best to succeed in schools.He was admitted at the university to pursue a degree in architecture but was unable to complete due to lack of school fees.He later looked for a job as a foreman in some construction site that was being run an Indian.

“My job was very tedious since i was working for 10 hours non-stop and the pay was not that good.I resorted to search for something that i could do during part-time at least to supplement the little cash that i was making.While searching on the how i could make money online i came across a website called DONITI NEWS,” he said.

DONITI NEWS is a news website that allows its members to earn money through reading news,commenting,sharing on facebook/whatsapp,posting forum articles and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the program.They pay kes 300 for every article that you post and kes 500 for every person you refer to join DONITI NEWS.Joining the website is free but with an option to upgrade in case you what to do more work on the website.

“Within the first month of joining DONITI NEWS i received my payment kes 35,000 through Mpesa. I was very excited since at first i was not sure about this online job.The second month i made kes 85,000 which i was also paid instant on my phone.At this point i knew DONITI NEWS was a genuine online job,hence i decided to quit my day job and focus on DONITI NEWS full-time,”he added.

DONITI NEWS generates revenue through advertising hence sharing it with its members on 50-50 basis therefore the more traffic the get,the more revenue they generate.

“Within one year of working on DONITI NEWS i had already surpassed kes 500,000 per month revenue.I have made so much money on DONITI NEWS and am not stopping any time soon.I have bought properties,land and drives a range rover sport thanks to DONITI NEWS.Succeeding on this online job is not guaranteed,rather you have to work smart to achieve better results.I am currently saving money to plan for my dream wedding later this year, buy my parents a good house and also go back to school to finish on my studies,” he said.

David invested some of his money into a cleaning business that has a work force of 30 people and his currently doing really well with Corporate companies as its customers .In a bad month he takes home kes 2 million as net profit from all his businesses.

“If you are not on DONITI NEWS then your losing big time.However you have to understand how the business works and take advantage of it in order to realize good results. DONITI NEWS is not for everyone but only for people with entrepreneur mind and positive attitude,” he said.

If you wish to make some decent income online,then join DONITI NEWS and get started.It is genuine and legit.


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