“This is How i make kes 350,000 monthly just working Online,”Seth oigara tells his success story.


Seth is an accomplish banker working for one of the top banks in the country.However despite his successful career he has also done a few business that has done well.From maize farming in Kitale to uber business in town, he has done all that.

Among his venture none of them has been exciting like latest venture that he is doing over the internet.He was invited to an Online Job by his friend called DONITI NEWS.

“At first i thought it was some kind of scam,but since it was free to join i decided to give it a try,”said seth.

Upon joining,seth started earning kes 105 bob immediately and that was with a free account.

“I was earning kes 100 a day  just with a free account,then i decided to upgrade and that when magic happened,” he adds.

Within one month of joining  DONITI NEWS ,seth was already making kes 80,000. Much of his revenue was coming from affiliate commission he got from inviting other people to join DONITI NEWS.

DONITI NEWS is a news website that pays its members to read news,comment,share post,posting forum articles and referral commission when you invite a friend to join.They drive revenue from advertising through traffic therefore they do revenue share with their members.Hence the more traffic they have,the more revenue they make.

“If you are not in DONITI NEWS,then you are missing out big time.I have been working for 18 months and am not stopping anytime.The good thing about this online job is it doesn’t take much of my time.I am able to do it and still work full-time as a banker,” he said.

Currently seth is making a cool kes 350,000 a month from kes 1500 investment he made with DONITI NEWS. He admits getting such results is not automatic rather you have to work extra hard and smart.

He has cleared a loan he had taking to build his house using money he made from DONITI NEWS and he is currently saving for his dream car.

“Guys DONITI NEWS is 100 legits and its paying,” he said.




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