“This is how i make kes 500,000 monthly working online,” Grace Mukami Narrates her journey to success


Meeting her for the first time you could easily mistake her for a daughter of some reach politician or some top celebrity ,but grace mukami has managed to earn some good income while working online part-time.We met with her and she reveals to us the secret to success.

“I work as an accountant in some company in the city.Since i wasn’t being paid well i decided to look for something can do during my part-time.I decided to search on how to use the internet to make money and that when i land to this website called DONITI NEWS,” she said.

DONITI NEWS is a news website that pays its members to generate traffic through reading news,commenting,sharing on facebook/whatsapp,posting forum articles and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the website.The pay kes 300 for every forum article that you share and kes 500 for every that you invite to join the website.

Within the first month of Joining DONITI NEWS,Grace received her first payment kes 45,000 from this program.

“At first i was skeptical about this online job but after receiving my first payment i was really excited.The following month my second payment of kes 100,000 and the third month i was paid kes 180,000.I have invested most of this cash in other income generating activities,”she said.

18 months down the line,Grace has manage to gross more than kes 500,000 in monthly revenue much of it coming from his affiliate network after inviting people to join DONITI NEWS.She has managed all this while still working as an accountant full-time.

“The good thing with DONITI NEWS is that it does not require much of your time.With just 1 hour a day is enough to make some good cash.However you have to work smart in order to attain better result.I am in DONITI NEWS to stay and am not stopping any time soon.If you have not joined ,then you are losing big time,” she added.

DONITI NEWS generates revenue through advertising and in return share it with its members on 50-50 basis.Hence the more the traffic the revenue it generate.If you wish to make decent income online,the join DONITI NEWS and get started


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