What Will You Do if you’re Carrying a Criminal’s Baby?That’s the Dilemma Jacque Maribe is Facing!!!


Jaque Maribe is 9 weeks pregnant.

The former Citizen TV news anchor is carrying Joe Irungu’s baby.Irungu killed Monica Kimani,even DNA tests suggested so.The killer’s character is so gross that no woman would wish to carry his baby. But wonders happened when he slept with Ms Maribe and something happened.

Maribe is in remand, heavily pregnant with full knowledge of Irungu’s criminal activities. As a woman who would like her child to grow upright, she won’t be comfortable to carry genes that will soil the good name of Maribe’s family.

What next for Maribe? Will she abort the baby?

It’s alleged that she is so bitter with Jowi that keeping the pregnancy will be a miracle. One of her friends intimated that she is contemplating terminating the pregnancy immediately she is release-this is to avoid carrying genes belonging to a criminal.


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