Why Online Work is The Saviour to Many During This Difficult Times of Lockdown


The world is now at stand still after the Covid19 pandemic outbreak. The authorities of many countries have resolved for total or partial lockdown to curb this menace. This has lead to massive loss of jobs, businesses have closed down, and above all our physical movement from place to place has been restricted. There is no more freedom of worship as churches have been closed down, likewise, mosques have been shut. People are indoors pondering about their next move as pressure mounts on the scarce resources. The situation at hand is nothing but survival for the clever.

Nevertheless, I thank God for the technology. This has enabled us to communicate and interact with friends while in lockdown. We chat, send massages, email, voice call and even video call among others. However, this doesn’t add any value to your predicaments, but rather increase our expenses in terms of buying airtime or bundles.

I thought about this and said, why can’t everyone consider looking for an online job that could sustain him or her in such hard time. Instead of just texting, chatting, voice and video calling without earning anything in return, I urge fellow Kenyans and all people across the globe to embrace positive utilization of the available technology. This is a great job opportunity that you can engage in and bring food on table as we fight against Covid19 pandemic.

Remember that, online work is as important as the 8-5 job you’ve been doing. The only deference is that, while you can not attend to your ordinary work scheduled, you can comfortably work Online during the lock down. You only require a smart phone, internet and passion to write. Think of earning cash while reading news! Sharing news! Commenting on other people’s posts and even posting your own blog posts. Can you imagine earning from views on your posts! Isn’t that great! Earn even earn more by just inviting your colleagues and friends to join you in working online.

Friends this is an opportunity that no one would like to miss! Look no further, mesachnews have all that it takes to jam start your journey to financial freedom through online work. Take action now and come on board as soon as you can and you will change your life forever.

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