Meet Single Mum Grace Muthoni who is making a living working Online,She earn more than kes 300,000 a Month.


In 2016 muthoni and her estranged husband divorced due to in irreconcilable differences. Muthoni says this was one of her most trying time in her life time. They had nothing to share as proceeds from the divorce since both of them were not financially well.

Muthoni is working as a nurse at one of the top hospital in the country right now.After the divorce she was left to feed her family single handed without the help of the husband.Together they had three kids and her salary was net of kes 56,000.This is what pushed her to started side hustle in order to sustain her family.

She saved kes 40k in order to start an M-pesa shop which she later closed after her attendant swindled all the money.

“An M-pesa Business requires you employ a very trustworthy person as an attendant and for my case i got the wrong person and within 3 months the business was dead and forgotten,”she says.

One day Muthoni received an whatsapp invite via a link to some online Job called DONITI NEWS.

DONITI NEWS is a news website that is paying its members to read news,comment,share on facebook/whatsapp and posting relevant forum articles.

“Within one week of Joining DONITI NEWS i was already earning 2000 bob a week using a free account.Later i upgraded my account and that when my income multiplied.Within a month i was already earning kes 100,000 clean money by just reading news,commenting and affiliate commissions after invite people to join,” she adds.

Muthoni has been working with DONITI NEWS for close to two years and she says on a bad month she goes home with kes 300,000 with much of this revenue coming from affiliate commission.

When you invite someone to join DONITI NEWS and he/she Upgrade the account ,you get paid kes 500 as commission.Just imagine invite more than 10 people a day ,that only will be kes 5000 a day.

“The secret of working with DONITI NEWS is having a positive mind.Me too at first i thought it was a scam but look where i am today.Life is all about taking risks.My kids are now in good schools and i can afford a vacation once in a year,” she says.

Muthoni says she makes between kes 7,000-kes 12,000 a day workig part-time online while still working as nurse full-time.

She recently upgraded from her previous BMW cars in to mercedes E 250 model

“The good thing with DONITI NEWS is you get paid while still being updated with the latest news,” she adds.



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