online jobs that one can rely on In Kenya


Finding a good job in Kenya has been a huge challenge to the graduates. Most of college and university graduates do a real tarmac.

People should now stop looking for jobs as they can apply what they learnt in school to start creating their own jobs.

If a person is unable to create a job, there are also lots of online jobs where one can earn real money by just investing a little amount starting from Kshs1300.00.

The types of websites that offer online jobs include Crowed1 which most of Kenyans find it difficult to join because of a high registration fee of Kshs12,000.00.

Most of Kenyans also say is the best website that offers online job in Kenya.

In Mesach News you will be able to make Kshs15,000.00 to Kshs30,000.00 every month. The payment is issued through M-PESA twice a month that is on 16th and 30th.

Another one is boldcashers which is about affiliate program. One earn from referrals bonuses.


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