11 Signs You’re On Your Way To Success Even If You Don’t Think So


We live in a highly critical society where everyone is competing to be someone and everyone wants to be powerful or influential.

We measure our successes in comparison to other people’s achievements without realizing that it is unfair to do so. You are your biggest competitor because only you know the resources you have and how much you can do with that. Sometimes people forget to pat their backs and just be happy for how far they have come. In case you’re wondering if you’re successful here are signs you’re on the right path.

1. You don’t have relationship drama anymore.

Because you’re mature you choose to pick your battles wisely. You don’t engage in petty conversations and don’t entertain the embarrassment of dramatic relationships.

2. You can ask for help instead of pretending you’re okay.

Acknowledging that you need help means you’re growing up, this doesn’t mean you become someone’s problem but it means you’re able to learn from others and grow.

3. You don’t tolerate nonsense anymore.

You don’t have the time, energy or space for people who just make you unhappy and are constantly trying to bring you down. Instead, you surround yourself with positive vibes because you no longer compromise.

4. You value your happiness a lot more.

It’s reached a point in your life you would rather be alone and happy than with people who just annoy you. You do the things you love and most of the times they are the right things for you.

5. You have learned that failure is part of growth.

You no longer think that failing is a reason to quit, instead, you know that failure is a stepping stone to success because it just means you need to try a new formula.

6. You have friends that actually add value to your life.

Not friends who take away from you or are not happy for you. Such friends are people who are also successful in their own ways and because you don’t surround yourself with mediocrity, you all do well.

7. You can celebrate other people’s successes.

Without feeling jealous you may even give additional tips for people to grow. This is because you have your own unique set of goals and you want the people around you to also embrace their own.

8. You actually do what you say you’ll do.

You do not procrastinate and when you set your mind to something you actually do it.

9. You have goals that you accomplished.

When you do set your mind to something you actually finish it and accomplish it.

10.You refuse to be a victim.

You would rather learn from mistakes and be a victor instead of a victim. This means after a certain period of time you choose to not wallow in pity and actively practice victory.

11. You work smart, not hard.

There is a difference between working hard and working smart. This means you create a working strategy that will bring results. You envision, plan and now make the big move to actually achieve your goals.


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