25 year Old Car wash guy from Nairobi turns Kes 2000 loan into a Kes 10 million Business in 8 months. This is what he did.


Mike Murithi is young millionaire who has achieved so much in life through hard work and determination. He just graduated from college last year and is already living an enviable lifestyle thanks to the online job that he is doing.We met with him so that he could narrate to us about his success journey.

“I studied  bachelor of commerce in the university and after completing my studies i was unable to secure employment and that s how i borrow some capital from my parents to start a car wash  business.I later closed down the business due to non-performance and became broke once again.One day a friend invited me to an online job called Zumo News and my life as never been the same again ,”he narrates.

Zumo News is a news website that pays its members to read news,share on Facebook/whatsapp,Posting News articles and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the program.They pay Kes 300 for every person you refer to join hence if you refer 10 people in a day that alone will earn Kes 3000 clean money.

“After doing research on how Zumo News works and reading on social media the way it had changed people’s lives i decided to give it a try.Registering on Zumo News took less than two minutes and i started working immediately.I received my first payment of Kes 52,000 after two weeks of joining and second payment of Kes 135,000 after the fourth week.At this point i was very excited since i could tell that Zumo News was a real and legit online job.Within 6 months of working on Zumo News i had already surpassed Kes 600,000 in monthly income with much of it coming from affiliate commission i earned after inviting people to join the program,”he says.

Zumo News generates revenue through advertising and in return share it with its members on 50-50 basis hence the more traffic they get is the more money they make.To get started with Zumo News all you need is a Smartphone,Internet Connection and an Mpesa line for receiving payments.

“The good thing about Zumo News is that it does not take much of your time hence with 2-3 hours a day you are guaranteed of making some good money say Kes 15,000 a day.This online job is real and legit and would urge anybody who wants to make extra income online to give it a try.However success with Zumo News is not guaranteed unless you are willing to work hard and smart,”he adds.

Zumo News is the most sure way of making money online especially this time of Corona Virus where people are urged to work from home and quarantine.It does not require any experience to get started hence Zumo News can be done by anybody as long as you are willing to learn.

“Currently in a good month i make more than Kes 2 Million a month from Zumo News and other businesses i own.I have bought two houses in Nairobi,4 cars and large parcel of land thanks to this online job.I have no plan of looking for employment since Zumo News is better job for me,”he says.

If you wish to make Money online in Kenya, then Register on Zumo News and get started. You will thank us later.


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