5 mistakes you should never make in betting,win Big today


Betting can be a lucrative job just like any other but it requires you to exercise great caution and self-control.

Nevertheless, have you ever wondered why you don’t win your bets on a regular basis?

Well, there are common mistakes that people make when betting. These mistakes will hinder you from winning big in betting as a whole.

Here are some of the mistakes you should never make in betting:

1. Don’t over-rely on other people’s predictions

Believe in yourself. Trust your own conscience. Critically analyse your own selected matches and choose the best.

You can make good use of past statistics of the teams playing. Over-relying on predictions from other quarters will make you a poor gambler.

2. Never place multi bets of over three  games

Never place multi bets that exceed three games. You can, however, place different multi bets of at least three games and stake what you can afford to lose.

3. Do not bet on the same team or game twice

Never bet on a team or game twice. In case you have different multi-bets, don’t repeat or place the same teams or games in your multi bet. Strictly bet on a team/game once.

4. Avoid low odds

Never bet on a team that as an odd of less than 1.4. Such teams can easily spoil your multibet or bet slip.

5. Keep track of your bets progress

Frequently check on the progress of your bets to have an idea of your performance.

source: hivisasa.com


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