5 types of people you should never lend money to

A bundle of Kenyan Schilling bank notes in various denominations are seen displayed on a table at a local market in this arranged photograph in Mombasa, Kenya, on Monday, April 29, 2013. The number of tourists coming into Kenya in the first two months of this year dropped significantly as the country readied for polls, new data showed. Photographer: Trevor Snapp/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Money has power over many things.This is the only resource that people have always hustled to get in their life.

However, some people get money through dubious ways while others get it through clean ways.

Lending money to people can be a tricky thing to do.

Here are five types of people you should never lend money to:

1. Friends

Lending money to friends is a tricky thing to do.

When a friend fails to pay back, this can easily destroy the good relationship you have been having.

He/she will want to avoid you because of the debt they owe you.

2. Family members

Same as friends, lending money to family members can also be very tricky.

Some family members might want to use the relationship they have with you not to pay whatever they owe you.

Some will come for help knowing very well they won’t pay back.

3. People with certain addictions

People with addictions will never remember to pay their debts since they will always mind their addiction more than anything else.

This will make it hard for them to pay back whatever cash they owe you.

4. People with bad debt record

Some people have loans almost everywhere.

This makes them bad for such kind of businesses.

Avoid lending this kind of people your money because they won’t pay back, or they will pay, but not the amount or payment terms you agreed on.

5. People you date

Lending money to people you are in a relationship with will only compromise your relationship.

If your partner wants money from you, it’s good you just give it to them and never expect it back.

However, it shouldn’t always be a large sum of money.


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