6 Quick Tips to Help You Win Sportpesa Jackpot


It’s no secret that every better dreams of winning the Sportpesa jackpot, especially the MEGA JACKPOT! Here are the best six quick tips to help you increase your chances of winning the Jackpot.

  1. Confidence is what takes to win a Sportpesa Jackpot

The first thing a punter needs to win a Sportpesa Jackpot is confidence. You have to believe that the specific outcome for a given match is going to end as you have chosen. Do some analysis, select an outcome and stick to it.  You have to trust your gut instinct. Instincts are always right or so they say.

  1. Look Beyond the displayed Odds

While the odds displayed reflect on the specific team’s strength and weaknesses, it will be fatal for your Jackpot ambitions if you strictly rely on those odds. In any case, jackpot games have odds higher than 2 and this simply means that nobody is sure of the outcome. You have to conduct a detailed analysis of each match, including performance in last 3 or so games, position in league, injuries, and the importance of that specific match to each team. Without that, your chances of winning Sportpesa Jackpot are extremely slim.

  1. Bet at least five times

You will never win a Sportpesa Jackpot if you bet only once or twice, unless you receive a divine intervention. Depending on the outcome of your analysis, you have to juggle between different combinations.  For instance, Team A is superior. Fine but the game is away, and team B has that advantage. Betting multiple times is very important when you are completely clueless on how the game is likely to end. In such a case it’s only wise that you capture each of the three outcomes in your different Jackpot bets.

  1. Familiarize yourself with Football

Your chances of correctly capturing the outcome of a given match are pretty slim, unless you are very well informed about football. This should not however dampen your spirit because information on football is all over the internet.  Read about Sports News, trends in football, transfers, upcoming fixtures, etc.

  1. Place your bets early

Always try to bet as early as possible as this will give you plenty of time to analyse each game carefully place your bet. Last minute bets are always erroneous because you’re probably panicking and rushing through.

  1. Make friends with GOFUTAA

GOFUTAA is your best betting companion. We are always there for you and we offer detailed predictions and have recently started providing Jackpot predictions.  Check with us before placing your Sportpesa Jackpot predictions.For only 499 bob a Money you will be able to access daily tips,mid-week and Mega-Jackpot analysis for the whole money.

Here is how to make payment;

  • Go to MPESA
  • Select Lipa Na MPESA
  • Select Buy Goods and Services
  • Enter Till Number 776832
  • Enter amount 499
  • Enter MPESA password and send.


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