6 Types Of Friend Zones You Can Get Trapped In


Which one are you in?

There are several types of friend zones. Some are closer to a relationship, while others remain very pg. Sometimes we find ourselves in this zone, and all we want to do is get out of it. However some of us may not realize how deep we are in.

Here are 6 types of friend zone you can get trapped in: 

1. The basic friend zone.

This one is basically the one where s/he has placed you in the friend zone, and that’s about it. No kissing, no touching, nothing too crazy. You’re literally just a friend.

2. The strategic friend zone. 

This one is like you are being booked for future use. So in the other person’s mind they will eventually make you their bae, but when they are good and ready. Until then they kind of put you on hold, for a later date or as an one of their options. Here you two may get touchy, kiss, send naughty texts to each other, etc. But will stay in the ‘friend zone’ for a while, maybe even for years.

3. The ‘look like a couple but we are friends’ friend zone.

Here the ‘victim’ will be used as a pretend bae, the two may look good together. They’ll take cute pictures together, maybe even hold hands in public, and everyone would think there’s something between them. However, in fact they are just friends. Or one of them is keeping it that way for their own motive.

4. ‘Friends until they are horny’, friend zone. 

Another popular name for this is friends with benefits.

5. ‘Scared of getting rejected’, friend zone. 

You are worried that they may not be into you immediately, so you ‘go with the friendship flow’ and hope that one day you’ll grow on them.

6. “I’m too damaged”, friend zone.

One person will claim that they are too emotionally damaged, and not ready to be in a relationship. If the other person is patient it may lead to a relationship one day. However if not, things may just end there. Warning this may lead to sexual relations, which may make things all the more confusing.


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