6 Types Of Kenyan Sponsors You Will Meet In Nairobi

Sponsors are men who are willing to facilitate your lifestyle.

They are men who are mostly in relationships or married, they vary depending on how much they earn. They attract slay queens or rather girls who date for money or rather wish to be taken care of. These men like younger women than themselves and most of them are unattractive. They are like banks that come with different privileges except some are not as useful and are probably a raw deal. Here are the types of Kenyan sponsors you will meet in Nairobi.

1. The high end sponsor

The high end sponsor will make sure that everything in your life is catered for. He is more than generous and will take his women out to countries like Dubai and on top of it when he buys things for you he will list it in your name. The only problem with such sponsors is the fact that they are super possessive, they tend to treat their women like property. If they pay rent they expect you to be there for them 24/7 and you should not date anyone at the same. They are filthy rich but are mostly married but hardly ever home.

2. The one who never gives you money directly

He would rather pay for your expenses directly but will never give you the cash. You’re like his child, when you order for an Uber he prefers to pay the driver via Mpesa. He has money but he can never send it to you so that makes him somewhat stingy.

3. The upcoming sponsor

These ones are still earning a salary and they only wait to shower you with dates and a bottle Jack when they have been paid. They like hanging out in big male groups in clubs and will occasionally keep winking at you and invite you to their table. If you go with them you can order for anything and they will pay for it.

4. The type who only wants to buy alcohol and then chipo you

He will invite you to a bar then buy you booze then try and take you back home with him. Depending on the relationship the two of you have a girl will mostly call him when she wants a drink and food.

5. The one who sends you money once in a while

This is one is only useful sometimes because he sends money after you sleep with him. He goes MIA and when he comes back he wants to spend so much time with you until he disappears again.

6. The fake sponsor

He pretends to have money but he doesn’t have money. He talks about how he can take care of you, tells you about his big plans and how his businesses are doing well. Thing is he can only afford cheap booze at a lousy nyama choma joint and you can just tell he’s a cheapskate. Sad isn’t it?


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