7 Places In Nairobi To Find A Rich Boyfriend Or Sponsor


No woman wants a broke man. 

Sometimes, the rich ones aren’t always accessible but they are lurking. One may need to go out of their way to find them, and the following places are where they usually hang out. Before going to these places to hunt, dress to kill, have an open mind and welcoming personality.

You may wonder, where can I find a rich man? Well, look no further.

Here are 7 places in Nairobi to meet a rich boyfriend or sponsor: 

1. The Alchemist Westlands. 

Nestled opposite the road from Sarit Center,  you’ll probably find a young handsome broad (even a foreign one maybe) over a beer. It’s a chilled place where different kind of people black, white and Indian descent come to hang out.

2. Safaricom Jazz Festival, or any event costing Kshs 2000 plus.  

There’s always a single posh guy sipping on wine, dancing to the Jazz music, hoping to find the woman of his dreams. Attend more of those festivals, check their event passes to ensure they aren’t students though.

3. KIZA Lounge.

If you like to party, then this is right for you. This sister facility to Kiza Dubai has been a hit since its doors opened earlier in the year. Located at the rooftop of Galana Plaza in the affluent Kilimani area, the club rooftop outdoor bar gives revellers a scenic view of part of the leafy suburbs leading all the way to the Ngong’ hills.

4. Carrefour supermarket. 

A lot of success love stories with rich men happen during a simple trip to the store. Make sure to look presentable and be friendly, you’ll never know who you’ll bump into.

5. Parklands or Karen Sports Club.

They normally pay a hefty amount to be members, so if you ever get the opportunity, go fishing. Hit the gym, that’s where the saucy men are.

6. B – Lounge.

With a brightly lit and a well-designed interior, the new club has become a magnet for the who’s-who in showbiz and business circles.

7. Art Cafe.

There are always interesting characters in Art Cafe, in particular Art Cafe Grand Westgate. I once made intense eye contact and a bit small talk with a white man, but anyways. It may just be your place to find the kind of man you want.


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