9 reasons why you should date short Girls


Girls come in all sizes, from height to shape and size. Ladies tend to be very cautious with their physical look. They consternate on everything from what they can change, like acne and blemishes to what they can’t change like height. Today we are going to focus on height. Tall girls are naturally beautiful. They tend to know their flaws and can easily correct them. Their height gives them natural self-esteem and confidence. However, most men consider dating short girls. Why do they like short girls yet tall girls are every man’s dreams?

1. Short girls are more feminine;

Short ladies are said to have more estrogen that make them look more feminine than their taller counterparts. However, this does not mean that tall women are less feminine.

2. He feels dominant;

When you are bigger than someone, you automatically feel dominant, you overtake power. When a man dates a shorter lady, he feels more powerful, that way he feels in control. The tall ladies are overconfident.

3. Men feel protective
Men always want to feel protective of their women in relationships. When the lady is short, he always feels needed and his protection is always felt.

4. Hugging short ladies feels good

There is no doubt that hugging a shorter girls feels nice. A woman whose head stops right below your chin is ideal. She will make you enjoy every bit of your time when you are hugging her. You will also feel confident when hugging in front of friends and members of public.

5. You can always carry them around like trophies.

A short girl is petite and cute. Carrying her around anywhere is easy, at the staircases, after a party when she is tiered or drunk, now considering if you had a tall girl, carrying her won’t be that easy.

6. Short girls don’t know how wonderful they are.

Most short girls are unaware of their beauty because they are always preoccupied with their height. Their innocence and humility makes them very attractive.

7. They are outgoing and flexible.

Short girls tend to be outgoing and easy to pick, they are flexible and can fit in anywhere without trouble. Another amazing thing about short women is that you can pick them up with ease and take them wherever you want without any problem.

8. Short ladies boost men’s self esteem

Some guys aren’t as tall as they wish they were and finding themselves a cute, short girl does wonders for their ego. For the tall men, they go for short ladies because they also boost their self-esteem, short ladies will make you romantic, hugging and cuddling them feels like cuddling a teddy bear.
9. Having sex with short girls is more enjoyable

Some researchers have revealed that men find it pleasurable to have sex with women who are shorter than them. Don’t also forget that experimenting with them is also possible since they carry less weight


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