After losing his job due to Corona pandemic, Primary schools teacher earns Millions from his side hustle that has enabled him to buy his dream car. This is what he did.


My name is Joel Kasolo and i am a primary school teacher and i used to work in a private school. During Corona pandemic, most school were closed for close to 8 Months and life became very unbearable. The little salary that i used to be paid was no longer there. I was very frustrated since i was the sole bread winner of the family. I used the little savings i had and started hawking face masks thou the income was also low but at least it could put food on the table.

One even while browsing on Facebook at home i came across an advert of an online job called Zumo News and i got interested. After doing research about it and reading on social media the way it had changed people’s life i decided to give it a try. All they need to get started was a Laptop, internet, valid email address and phone number for receiving payments. I paid Kes 1300 which was one-time payment and started working immediately.

The good thing with Zumo News is that it can be done by anyone as long as you are willing to learn. I received my first payment of Kes 8,000 after the first week of working and second payment of Kes 31,000 after the second week. At this point i was very excited since i was sure i had landing on a legit online job.

Within 3 Months of working on Zumo News i had already surpassed Kes 300,000 in monthly income. I stopped the Face mask business and focused on Zumo News full-time and my income kept growing. Success with this online job is not guaranteed unless you are willing to work hard and smart.

In 8 Months i have made more than Kes 2 Million from this online and am not quitting anytime soon. Online job like Zumo News are changing peoples life especially this time of Corona where most people have lost their jobs. I have bought my first car which is a Subaru using the money i made from Zumo News. I have no intention of going back to the teaching job since it was very tiring.

Nowadays, I don’t see any real way to earn money while sitting at the computer or telephone, except through Zumo News. Good luck everyone, and thank you for your attention.

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