Best Side Hustles That Will Make You Rich In Kenya in 2019

These are the best side hustles that will make you rich in Kenya if you’re actually tired of being broke.

Living in Nairobi is not cheap and living in Kenya has also become super expensive. The only way to survive is plan yourself and have a side hustle that will boost your finances. These are jobs and business ideas that you can easily rely on and will run on their own without you being there full time. Try these jobs out and get ready to become rich.

1. Motorcycle business

It’s actually not impossible. With Ksh 120, 000, you will acquire a motorcycle. You will not necessarily need a rider- train yourself to do the job if you can. However this is more like an investment and if you have the money then you should go for it. Depending on the location and distance, I am pretty sure you can make 10k a week.

2. CV or academic writing

This is a good side hustle because the only think you need to perfect are your writing skills. You will also be good at taking photos which is great thing even for yourself. For most people writing a CV could cost KSh 1,000 or KSh 500 at the very least. You could easily make 10k a month if you put your mind to it.

3. Blogging

If you have a passion for writing and in a particular area then blogging would be good for you. You could either start your own site which would mean you would have to pay someone to create your website and host it which would all cost 20k but then in the long run you could be making up to 100k a month if you’re consistent and get advertisers. You could also write for multiple websites in the evening apart from your day job and get extra cash.

4. Selling women clothes and handbags online

If you get the right clothes from places like Gikomba, you could easily make good profit. You could either start selling them online and make sure it is professional. You could get some of your friends to model for your online page because people are more likely to buy clothes that they can see on someone. You could also sell your clothes and handbags in the office.

5. Freelance writing

This is similar to blogging but the difference is that you don’t have any contract with a site, you write as a guest blogger or as a columnist if you’re good enough.

6. Babysitting

It sounds taxing but it’s something you could do for your free time. There are very many parents who are looking for reliable people to take care of their children and if you’re one of them put your pride aside you could get paid for taking care of children. Package yourself professionally, tell parents you could teach children the ABCs, help them grow talents and other things.

7. Cooking for people

If you’re a good cook you could offer your services to people who need it. You could cook weekly meals for people over the weekend and either deliver or go cook in their house.

At the end of the day before you start a side hustle you need to be committed. Put a strategy in place, have a timeline, set a goal, start marketing and just do it without any excuses.


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