Betin wamechezwa!!!Here is How Sportpesa Will control the Betting Market in Kenya


There is a story of how Sportpesa might have used BLCB to deal with competitor Betin. Betin hope of coming back was doomed when their foreign directors were deported.It is believed that sportpesa might have used BLCB to finish its competitor and later for sportpesa to come through the back door and get their license back.

Even worse things have taken political turn when rumours started that DP william Ruto was a share holder hence taming the betting firm would greatly affect his source of money. Ruto association with the Betin firm gained momentum when its Brand ambassador Mariga was given a direct jubilee ticket to vie for Kibra Seat.

As thing stand now Sportpesa will become the monopoly controlling 90 percent of the industry.We are also expecting the number of daily gamblers to go up as we know kenyans appetite for what there told to avoid.


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