Car wash Guy makes Kes 5 Million in 8 Months after investing Kes 1300 only, buys dream car. This is how he did it.


My name is Martin Kimathi, I’m 31 years old and I live in Kenya. A week ago I bought a new MERCEDES, as it’s six months since I worked at the car wash and barely had enough to feed my family. Now I’m going to tell you how a casual meeting changed my life and gave me the chance to earn Kes 50,000 a day.

I’ll tell you a little about myself. Poverty – that’s how I would describe my whole life. My parents lived in poverty, I never went to university. After finishing school, I went to work at a car wash. When I was young, my salary was sufficient for me. But when I got married and my daughter was born, I started getting into serious financial problems and permanent debt. What to do – I had no idea; the debts were mounting but I couldn’t quit the job because it was my only source of income.

One afternoon a new MERCEDES drove into the car wash. A young man stepped out of the car, he looked to be around 23 to 25. I was always amazed how young people could earn so much money. I said to myself quietly: “What do you have to do to drive a car like that?” But he heard me and laughed. Online Job,” – he said and went away.

Those two words changed my life forever. When I got home, I sat down at the computer and started looking for some mentions of Online Job Called Zumo News. And so, a month passed: during the day I would work at the car wash, and by night I would read dozens of forums to understand how to use Zumo News platform.

I found the Zumo News web page and registered with only Kes 1,300. They let me open a account for Kes 1,300 as well as providing free instructions. This helped me a lot in the beginning, when I still didn’t know how to work with Zumo News platform.

On the Zumo News web page, all the calculations are done in Kshs, I received the payments in Kshs as well. After two or three weeks, there was Kes250,000 in my account.

All I needed was a laptop, or a mobile phone with Internet access. I decided to write this blog just for you – workers like I was, who are fed up of working every day from morning until night, for a measly wage. Remember that life wasn’t given to us for that. Register now, and be assured to earn real money to your m-pesa every week without risking losing your money. Nowadays, I don’t see any real way to earn money while sitting at the computer or telephone, except through Zumo News. Good luck everyone, and thank you for your attention.

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