Date Luo women from these regions at your own risk


1. When you dump a Girl from MIGORI, she will make a scene for you.

2. When you dump a girl from ALEGO, she will beat you up and force you to love her again whether you want to or not.

3. When you dump a KAJULU, SEME girl, she will cry day and night.

4. When you dump a girl from UGENYA, she will bewitch you and you will wake up with your bottom on your face.

5. When you dump ASEMBO girl, she will try to make up to you and ask you to kindly give her another chance.

6. When you dump a girl from GEM, she will turn her bedroomed into a brewery and drink all sorts of alcohol until she blacks out.

7. Try to dump a girl from NYAKACH or SUBA and she will sleep around with all your friends.

8. You don’t wanna know about KANO girls, dump her today and in two weeks, you will be invited to her wedding.

9. Never dump a girl from UYOMA, if you dump her, she will tempt your dad and become your step-mother.

10. Dump a girl from KISUMO and she will report you to her brother who is a thug and you will marry her at gun-point.

11. Dump a girl from SAKWA and YIMBO, she will sleep with your grand-father and become your other grandmother.

12. Dump a girl from KARACHUONYO, she will crýyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy then kujinyonga pap!



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