Do fixed match bet tips work in kenya, or is that a scam?


Fixed matches do not exist and it’s all scam. Many sites our there will promise to give you fixed matches with 100% guarantee of winning but in real sense, it’s scamming people to get their money. I discourage anyone from thinking about fixed matches and instead follow betting tipsters. You can find a large variety of tipsters to choose on a site like GOFUTAA ,which is one of the best prediction site in kenya today. Tipsters are experts who have many years of experience in the gambling industry and can help you increase your betting success. GOFUTAA is the best rated place to get such tipsters.

Fixed match bet tips are 100% scam . Matches might be fixed , but that kind of information is not available easily for outside persons . Even if its available , i do not think someone will sell it for 5000 or 10,000 . Anyone can make good fortune , if they know the match result before hand.


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