Finally Here is what Ivy wangeci parents had to say about her HIV Status


The family of slain Moi University student Ivy Wangechi has rubbished claims that she had infected her killer with HIV.

Wangeci’s father said his family is hurt by the untrue reports circulating on social media and tests have been done on her daughter’s body.

“Please help me clean my daughter’s name. She was a decent, hardworking girl. The stories being circulated about her infecting her killer with HIV/Aids are untrue. This has been discounted by tests already done,” Paul Wainaina, her father, said.

The hurt father said the family has been living with the pain of the untrue grapevine which has become like a second death to their daughter.

According to the father, who is a secondary school head teacher, their daughter was raised in a Christian set up and could in no way live a dirty life.

“Ivy was brought up in a strict Christian background and is a very honest person. Her character cannot be questioned. She is a victim of a brutal murder and should not be vilified,” he added.

The medical student was murdered in a gruesome manner by her crush on April 9.

The suspect, Naftali Kinuthia, has been described by Ivy’s classmates as a stalker who could not accept rejection from the cute girl.


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