Finally Radio Presenter Nick Odhiambo reveals why he shaved his dreadlock


While the radio host initially revealed that he cut the dreads to commemorate Cancer Awareness Month, it turns out there was a deeper reason behind the drastic transformation.

Speaking during K24’s Talk Central show hosted by Kalekye Mumo, Nick Odhiambo revealed that he decided to change his life for the better after a brush with HIV/AIDS from a girl he was ‘messing’ around.

“I was messing around with this chic then after messing around for some time I found out that she has got HIV. Weh! Weh! Eeh! I went to the hospital I did all those tests and I said ‘God to give me another chance I will never let you down. Let me change my life,” said Nick.

When the test results cleared him, an ecstatic Nick promised God he will change his ways and live according to his will and he will never let him down.


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