Five rules that can make you win 80% of your bets


There have been several millionaires who have made it through betting.

However, many people especially those new into sports betting and those not very conversant with snares usually laid by bookies tend to lose more than they win.

Here are some rules you can rely on to transform some of your losses into wins:

Rule of discipline

This calls for developing a staking control. You develop a range or a fixed amount of money that you can never exceed in a bet no matter how alluring the prospects of winning are. Also, never bet for the sake of betting.

Remember placing a bet risks your money therefore take  all the due diligence to check on whatever teams you are betting on.

Rule of focus.

It is not possible for one to be conversant with all the available leagues fronted by the bookmakers.

This rule calls for one to select the best viable leagues to one’s knowledge and stick to them for match analysis.

This makes it easier for one to analyse trends in leagues’ matches and sharpen his betting skills.

Rule of selection.

The rule  governs the bet types and the number of teams you can select in a single bet. Before getting into sports betting you have to  evaluate between single bets and multi-bets and select the one that works for you.

If you go for a multi-bet, set the maximum number of teams that can go into a single multi-bet and stick to it.  It is recommendable to specialize on one type of a bet  and make it your field of expertise.

Complete data rule

Never place a bet on a team you have no complete information on. By data we mean head to head analysis, team news, past and upcoming games and motivations behind each and every game. Avoid relying on the projected odds while selecting your bets.

Keep up on injuries, suspensions and changes on players. Equally consider why a particular match is important for a team to win.

The rule of returns

The rule governs the odds as a qualifying factor for a team to be included among your bets. The odds of a particular game determines whether it is worth risking your money on.

Develop a range between odds which you will never place a bet either below or above.

For instance, placing a bet for a team with odds below 1.4 or with odds above  3.5 calls for a careful evaluation and consideration.

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