Here are Do’s and Don’ts When Selecting Multibet Teams


Losing a multibet does not mean you’re a loser. It means you were just not lucky or you don’t fully understand the fine art of educated soccer multibetting.
While a multibet offers you the best chance to win big from very little cash, it also means that you will be putting your money on more than one team and, hence, an increased chance for any one of them to disappoint. So how do you ensure you’re not throwing your hard earned cash away?
Well, here some of the best practices you should keep in mind when selecting teams for a multibet.


Make sure the team you’re selecting has a known record of good performance at the pitch. Ideally, the team must have won 5 or 6 of its previous matches, and with a good margin.

Choose a team that is on top or near the top of the respective league and is playing against a team sitting in the middle of the table or slightly lower but not at the very end.

It’s okay to choose home or away matches. Really good teams do well irrespective of whether they are playing at home or away.

Make sure all the players who run the show for the team are playing before you include the team in a multibet.

Strictly make sure the odds for the team you’re picking lie between 1.20 and 1.45. Below 1.20 implies that the team won’t make any significant contribution to your possible earnings. Above 1.45 means there is an increased chance of the game ending up as a draw or even a loss for your chosen team.


Never include a team that abnormally fluctuates in performance. You know the sort of teams that hammer others 5.0 in one game and the next game they are hammered 4:0. No names mentioned but including such a team in your Multibet strategy is leaving so much to chance.

Never include a team that has been doing so well but was beaten or drew with a very inferior team in their last game. This means the team has reached its peak and is now heading south.

Never multibet more than five teams, even when the possible financial gain looks very tempting. If you are faced with a scenario in which you think there are far too many sure bets just go back and sift through the games again and come up with the best 5 or less. More than five games and you will be giving too many chances to bad luck.

Don’t bet for any top team that is playing against a team at the bottom of their league. Very weak teams are usually hell-bend on disappointing top performers. Only FC Barcelona has consistently beaten poor teams. Bayern Munich was good, but not anymore.

Don’t include any team playing against a new team that is not understood very well, especially those from other nations. However, this could be overruled if teams from that country are known to be beaten by teams from the country in which your current candidate team belongs. For instance, a Bundesliga team of average performance is likely to disappoint the best team in the English Premier League (EPL).


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