Here are Shocking Differences between Kamba Women and Kikuyu women


Investment and business

Whereas Kikuyu women are known as wizards in matters to do with business and investment, their counterparts, Kamba, only know how to eat. Kamba women get satisfied with small money while Kikuyu women have huge appetite for cash, that’s why you won’t find a Kamba name in the list of the richest in the country but you won’t miss a Kikuyu in the list. A hundred shillings is enough for a Kamba lady but you won’t satisfy a Kikuyu lady-even Ksh 10 million is not enough for her.

Kamba women are good in bed while Kikuyu’s performance go with the mood

Kamba women are always good in bed, they are known to be adventurous and sweet. At no time you will hear a man crying of thirst, but a Kikuyu woman will give you when she wants and how she wants it to happen. If a kikuyu woman feels that you should go ‘hungry’ for a week, that’s how it remains.

Kikuyu women take marriage as investment while Kamba women marry for s@x and love

It is so easy for a kikuyu woman to divorce her husband, and it only occurs if a man becomes broke, she refuses to share his wealth or the woman becomes richer than the man.But a Kamba woman will remain no matter what.


Both women are beautiful but sometimes kikuyu women exaggerate by bleaching and enlarging some of their body organs.


Kikuyu women are more intelligent than Kamba women, that’s a fact. If you want handsome boys, beautiful daughters who are also intelligent, then marry a Kikuyu woman.


Kikuyu women love their children more than their husbands while Kamba women love both.

Kikuyu women are tough, independent and aggressive while Kamba women are polite

Kikuyu women can be tough! They are very aggressive and highly independent. As a man, you should be on toes to manage this person. But a Kamba woman is very polite and only reacts when offended beyond the limit.


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