Here is How to Earn 150,000 Monthly with Mimo News Income Program in Kenya

Good day, Hommies!
“MIMO NEWS is Real and Legit”
Most of us know how many times we have heard this words from friends/family but still doubt the genuineness of such program.
Hopefully today, I’d be making an MIMO Income Program Review; is it a scam or Legit?
As some people claim that It’s a legitimate online business in Kenya where you can make at least Kes 150,000+ monthly [depends on your activeness] doing just a few tasks such as posting a status on Facebook, leaving comments on posts by sharing your views, referring others etc.
So what’s up with the Mimo News income Program?
Don’t be mistaken:
This is not Ponzi Scheme or some other programs that require you to make a sale and lots of other stuff…
The MIMO News income opportunity is sponsored by MIMONEWS.comwebsite.
One of the largest kenyan news website in kenya where you go to read the latest news on politics, sports, entertainment, tips and tricks for a living and lots more.
This website has been set up by its owner Duncan Samson and ready to feed you with the latest kenyan news
But here is the Big Problem:
They can’t get popular overnight and so they need you and me to help broadcast them on Facebook and other social media and that’s why they are ready to pay.
Look here;
You did not read information about what is going on in your country but as well pay you for being a part of the community.
You can actually get paid to write, comment on posts, share the posts on Facebook/whatsapp and lots more.
The Amazing Thing is this:
While other websites like only allow you read the latest Nigerian news without paying you anything, MIMO NEWS income opportunity beats it.
If you register to MIMO NEWS program right now, you will earn as much as you like every day just by sharing on Facebook/whatsapp, commenting on MimoNews website posts or posting your own articles.
For Example:
The more members post, comment and share posts. The More Money.
That’s how MIMO NEWS make their money too. So it’s all about Interaction or participation.
Is MIMO NEWS legit?
I understand that you don’t want to be scammed and I want to let you know that this program is super legit let’s call it 100% legit.
They’ve been a huge success and here is another killer opportunity to make money in kenya 2019.
You really don’t need to miss this MIMO NEWS income opportunity, I tell you.
So, Is MIMO NEWS legit? Yes very legit
How to Make Money with MIMO NEWS income program
You may be asking “how then can we make money with MIMO NEWS?”.
Many people are cashing out monthly.
Note : This program is one of the best right now. Am not talking about ponzi because i really don’t promote ponzi.
Any business that does not require work on your part might definitely be scam.
So this is one awesome program ok?
Different ways to earn on the MIMO Income Program

Mimo Income is a two earning opportunity division

MNRS: Mimo News Ad Revenue Sharing – With MNRS, participant earns money by login in to their Mimo News account daily, reading news, posting forum topics and even sharing assigned sponsored post on social media. We share our ads revenue with you monthly depending on our monthly income.

MMNAP: Mimo News Affiliate Program – With MNAP, you are automatically an affiliate after successful registration. As an affiliate, you earn a huge commission of KShs. 750 per referral on anyone who joins Mimo Income through your referral link. The more people you refer to join, the more KShs. 750 commission earning. So, if you can refer at least 10 people to take advantage of Mimo Income opportunity daily, you will be earning KSH 7500 in a day.

How Can I Earn And How Much Can I Earn On Mimo Income Program?

1. MNAP: As an affiliate, you earn per each referral. When you introduce your friends to participate on Mimo News, you earn KShs. 750 Shillings from their premium membership entry fee.

MNRS: As a participant, they share ad revenue with you when you take part in Mimo News activities monthly depending on their monthly income.

2. Active daily login: You earn KShs.50 when you login to your account daily.

3. View / Reading post: You earn from KShs. 5 on each latest post you read.

4. Relevant Comment: You earn from KShs. 5 on each latest post you read.

5. Posting Forum Topic: You earn KShs. 300 for posting relevant, interesting and well structure forum topic that get approved on the website.

6. Liking a Post: You earn KShs. 5 for liking a post on the website.

Now that you know what this wonderful program is all about, I don’t want you to miss the opportunity ok?.
I hope this detailed MIMO NEWS income program review will get you going, making money online in Kenya easily.
It’s no doubt that the MIMO income program is one of the most legit ways to make money online in Kenya right now.
This will definitely help anybody willing to make money online do so without any problem.



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