Here is How to Win Sportpesa Jackpot


I can’t deny I haven’t won Sportpesa jackpot, but I have won several thousands by correctly predicting over 10 matches each week. I would like to share my secrets of winning the jackpot, which I also hope to win in the near future.

One thing we all know is that the games Sportpesa selects for a jackpot are highly unpredictable. All the games bear the odds of between 2 and 3, which means no team outshines the other in terms of strengths and weaknesses. In most cases, such games attract numerous draws.

One trick I use is that I first pick 6 out of 13 teams I strongly believe they will win. I then place a win for those teams. The second step is to identify home teams with an odd of 3 and above. In most cases, home teams with this odd never lose: they either win or draw.Sportpesa knows that when they give the home team an odd of 3,the gamblers will automatically pick the away team as the potential winners. For my case,I do the opposite.

The third step is to identify away teams with an odd of 2 and below. In most cases, away teams with this odd draw in their respective matches.

Now,after making the selection, I go straight to home teams with an odd of 2,I place a win for all the home teams. I go to home teams with an odd  of 3,I place a win for half of these teams and a win for the rest. What guides me is the previous match.If the home team with an odd of 3  lost the previous match, chances are that it will win the current match and if it won the previous match, it will either lose or draw the current match.

In all my betting trials, I place 4 draws for the 17-game jackpot and two for the 13-game jackpot. You will side with me that no jackpot lacks at least 2 draws. So if I place 4 draws,I am likely to win the maximum jackpot amount.If by chance you place a bet without indicating a draw, know that you won’t win that jackpot.

Since I started betting on the Sportpesa jackpot in 2013,I have never gotten less than 8 games correct.I believe I am edging closer to winning the Mega Jackpot.

Before I conclude, I suggest that whenever you place a bet,look for a group of around 5 people who you will share ideas with.In the group, don’t place identical options,each should have this/her own options.

Finally, psychology states that the first thought is always right.If your finger points to a certain team,don’t cancel the option, just pick it no matter how much your heat convinces you that that is not the best option.

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