Here is the Most Sure way of Making Money Online in Kenya Right now


The MIMO NEWS Income Program  is one of the legit ways to make money online in Kenya.

You earn by doing simple tasks with your Facebook and Whatsapp accounts, reading news and dropping your comments on the MIMO NEWS platform.

Before you go ahead with this report, please note that the MIMO NEWS income opportunity is not for you if:

  • You are too lazy to carry out simple instructions
  • You are looking for a Get Rich Quick scheme
  • You don’t want to do anything at all

Out of the thousands of earning opportunities online, the MIMO NEWS income program is one that has really caught my attention and I’m ready to share all the information you need in this post.

Requirements for earning with MIMO NEWS Income Program

  1. A Facebook and whatsapp accounts
  2. 1500 bob(One time Registration Fee)
  3. 30 Minutes of your time daily
  4. An Mpesa account  to cash out your earnings

If you have the above requirements at your disposal, well you are right on track, read on!

MIMO NEWS Income program is for Who?

The MIMO NEWS Income opportunity is for everyone with daily expenses, the program is open to everyone that wants to earn online or add an extra source of income.

Besides, it’s all about getting paid for doing what you actually do everyday.

How you earn on the MIMO NEWS Platform

There are two ultimate ways to earn in the MIMO NEWS Income opportunity, you earn by completing your daily tasks which include reading news on the MIMO platform, posting relevant articles, commenting and sharing the article that has been assigned to you for the day .

These tasks alone can fetch you up to 1000 bob daily.

The second way to earn is by referring other people; you get a whooping 750 bob for every member you refer, just imagine referring 30 people in a month.

How to Join the MIMO NEWS Income Program

To join the MIMO NEWS Income program, click this link to sign up and start earning.

When do I get paid from MIMO NEWS?

Payment is made every week into your Mpesa account you submitted in your profile on the MIMO NEWS platform.

For more info, visit HERE


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