Here is The Truth about MimoNews..All you need to know


Mimo News is the revolutionary way Kenyans are making money online with just reading news,sharing,commenting and post new article.I know most Kenyans are skeptical are Skeptical about this online earning project,but trust you me that it is very legit.

What you need to know is that Mimo News is not a get rich scheme,but a rather you get paid for the activities you partake on the website.

How it works;

1.For every active login into your account you earn 50 bob just like that.

2.You earn ksh 5 for every post you read. earn ksh 5 for every relevant comment you make.

4.You earn ksh. 300 for every relevant post you make and get approved by the admin,

5.You earn ksh 5 for every post you like.

6.You earn ksh 30 for every post you share on facebook,twitter and whatsapp.

7.You earn ksh.750 as affiliate commission when you refer a person.

Just imagine convicing 10 people to join the site , that will be  a whooping 7500 bob a day.Where else can you get this cash just by using your phone? i guess the answer is no where.Unlike gambling where it is a game of chances,Mimo news is 100% guaranteed.

Prove of Payments;

You might be wondering if this guys are really paying, worry no more .You can join there Facebook groups where users who have been paid post prove of payment.JOIN THEIR FACEBOOK GROUP HERE

Here is a few prove of payments;

If you wish to join this awesome online opportunity,JUST REGISTER HERE…..Happy Earning


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