Here is what the Government will do to people without Huduma Number…CS Matiangi


Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Fred Matiang’i has appealed to Kenyans to take Huduma Namba registration as a personal initiative, so as to have ease of access to government services.

Speaking during an interview on Iqra FM, Tuesday, the CS dismissed public perception that the government would deny key services to Kenyans who shall have not enrolled, saying no one will be forced to get a Huduma Namba.

He said that the government will only work to ensure that those who’ve not taken Huduma Namba take up the same, but will not victimize anyone without it.

“We are only telling everybody that it is common sense and sensible for you to register. But forcing people is out of the question; we won’t do it and we are not planning to do it,” the CS stated.

Dr Matiang’i, cautioned that it will be a daunting task for those who will not have registered to acquire government services.

“If for some reason a person feels they do not want to register, it’s unfortunate because, at some point, one will need services from the Government. If you do not have a Huduma Namba, you will not be denied the service, what will happen is that Government officers will take longer to serve you,” the CS explained.

To make it easier to get services, Dr Matiang’i appealed to Kenyans and foreign nationals residing in the country to get a Huduma Namba.

This, he said, will save time as all information shall be digitized and hence easily retrievable at government offices.

“Why would any person want to waste time seeking a service? Is there a need for anyone to be asked to come after a week because his/her file cannot be traced whilst whatever service they are seeking can be provided within a short time if they have a Huduma Namba?” he asked.

The government is also working on a mechanism that shall see Kenyans living abroad issued with Huduma Namba.

According to the CS, Kenyans in the diaspora will either get registered any time they come home or at their respective Kenyan embassies or consulates in their host countries.

“Plans are already underway to ensure that every Kenyan gets a Huduma Namba. After the 45-day exercise is done, that is when we shall implement the measures. For those who are abroad, all they will have to do is go to the embassies for registration,” the CS said.


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